Insulation is a key factor in heat loss, noise reduction, fire protection and energy saving. Choosing the right insulation for the job according to specifications and environmental factors is just as important as choosing the right installation company. Having over 40 years experience in the petrochemical and industrial sectors is invaluable in this regard. All our work is performed to comply with Australian standards and regulations using quality materials, and we deliver on time and on budget. We are able to tailor simple or complex solutions to meet our clients needs, often in major hazard facilities, using a range of products sourced direct from our suppliers. Such products include the following:

Polyurethane foam and Armaflex rubber can be used in cold applications and vapour sealed. They generally come in preformed sections which makes installation easy bringing cost savings in labour. This particular photo shows Polyurethane being clad with Venture Clad which is another relatively new material we have extensive experience with. 

Aerogel blanket for cold work with vapour barrier and hot work are relatively new materials which we have had extensive experience using since their introduction to the market. Aerogel blanket is hydrophobic so it repels water which can mean a great reduction in corrosion around metal piping and vessels and therefore reduced cost of ownership and maintenance.


Rockwool or Synthetic Mineral Fibre is probably the most common material used to reduce heat loss and for personal protection due to its cost effectiveness and ease of installation. It comes in blanket form to cut to size or preformed sections.